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About us

About Us

First Garage Door is a garage door service and installation company in  Rancho Cucamonga, California area and has been providing a range of quality garage door services for quite a couple of years now. First garage door Rancho Cucamonga, Tx runs with the philosophy of providing the highest quality of service to our customers to ensure that their maximum satisfied. We aim to give you the value for your money and that is why we offer our service to you at the best possible market price, and get the work done in the shortest time period.Our services range from consulting, installation, to repair, maintenance and so on. The full list of the services we offer can be seen on our service page.

We have qualified and expert service technicians who can carry out any task in connection with garage doors installation and repair. We at First Garage Doors place priority on a strong working relationship with both our customers and our employees. This explains why our employees are happy and motivated to do a great job all the time and our customers are contented and loyal. The services we offer include:

Garage door installation service

Regardless of whether you are replacing an old garage door with a new one or freshly installing a garage door, First Garage Door Services is up to the task. We are experienced in handling all types of garage doors regardless of the size or the material of the garage door. We have qualified technicians who have wealth of knowledge of the types of garage doors, their components and how they are to be handled. After installation, our technicians test your garage doors to ascertain that it is installed in the right way and safe for your use. This is why we remain the leading garage door installation service in Rancho Cucamonga, California.



Garage door maintenance service

To ensure that your garage door functions maximally, it is important to always check and maintain it. Maintenance is in fact what keeps the garage door standing for a long time. It could be done to prevent or correct faults in garage doors. Every component of the garage door requires one form of maintenance or the other, however, it is essential to know when and how to each component is to be maintained. First Garage Door offers this required maintenance services at an affordable and unbeatable rate. Their experienced professionals will come around at the necessary time and they will even educate you on what to do at regular intervals to ensure your garage door functions efficiently.



 Garage door repair service

The garage door is made up of components fitted together into one unit. These components vary in size and they perform different functions. Some of these components are more susceptible to damage than others and this damage could be as a result of wear and overuse. At first garage door, incidents like this are not uncommon and can be dealt with. Our team of experts knows a lot about this component and their working principles and they will fix this component quicker than you can ever imagine.  Whenever you are in need of an affordable garage door repair in Rancho Cucamonga, contact the leading first garage door for service you can rely on.



Garage door diagnostic service

A quick garage door diagnostic can be carried out on your garage door if you notice a malfunction, and cannot pinpoint the fault. First Garage Door Services offers garage door diagnostic service that is unparalleled and unbeatable in the whole of Rancho Cucamonga, California. We are equipped with cutting-edge diagnostics equipment, tools, and expert technicians who will locate this problem and proffer expert solution. This is why our diagnostic service is the best out of all the garage door diagnostic services in Rancho Cucamonga.



No matter the service you want, First Garage Doors guarantees you the best.