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Here are some common questions about first garage door.


The cost of repairing your garage is dependent on the faulty component and the level of damage. As you know, your garage door is made up of different components such as the opener, sensor, spring, tracks, and rollers. These components perform the different function and at the different times. Also, the rate at which these components work differs and as result of this, some of these components last longer than the others.

These components also do not come at the same price; you don’t expect a garage door sensor to be the same price with a garage door opener. But you can be guaranteed that no matter how expensive this component might cost, First Garage Doors will charge you an unbeatable rate for removing and replacing the faulty component. You should also know that first garage door will assist you in purchasing this component so that you do not acquire the wrong one at a dubious price where the quality cannot be guaranteed.

How long does a garage door installation take?

The time of installation of a garage door is determined by so many factors. It is could take hours or days. It is determined by the following factors

  • Type of garage door: garage doors can be classified according to the types of material used producing it such as wood, steel, fiberglass, or according to the mode of opening such as overhead, sliding or swinging. This opening method depends on the material too, like the wooden garage door which is usually connected on hinges and is expected to swing in or out and the steel garage door which comes in form of roller shutter door that rolls in track overhead.
  • Type of installation: is it a fresh installation or a replacement installation. A replacement installation will take longer than fresh installation if the previously installed garage door is a different opening method or material. Time will be consumed in removing the previously installed garage door and installing a new one. Alteration works to walls will also consume time.

It is important to know that no matter the time it takes to install a garage door, the accuracy and precision are what matters most because this will lead to an effective and efficient performance of the garage door. This is the kind of service that is expected of any company carrying out garage door installation in Irving. First garage door service guarantees you this service and we will make it an affordable one.

Do I require a garage door diagnostic service during the maintenance process?

It is important to know that maintenance comes in two forms namely preventive and corrective. The aim of preventive maintenance is to detect fault early on and fix it before it gets out of hand. A diagnostic service might prove to be useful here because the faults are rectified before it damages other component and leads to an expensive repair. The diagnostics can also be useful at the corrective maintenance stage because it enables you to be sure that all components are in good condition.

You should know that no matter the maintenance you are carrying out on your garage, first garage service offers you unparalleled diagnostics service at the lowest possible rate. Our garage door diagnostic service in Irving is the best because we used trained personnel and sophisticated equipment to deliver fast and accurate diagnostic service.

My garage door opener is faulty; do I get another one or opt for a Garage door opener and repair service?

Your decision lies in the level of damage of the garage door opener which cannot be ascertained by an untrained person. It is better to let a trained technician assess the damage and proffer the best solution. Nevertheless, fixing or replacing a garage door opener is no big deal for first garage door service.

It is one of the services we are experienced in and we will be glad to help you rectify any problem with your garage door opener and other components. This is why we will always be the first garage door repair service in Irving.

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